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Venice is a city built on water and  from the water must be seen. It is from this unique perspective that you can glimpse hidden gardens, magnificent palaces and enter into its everyday life.

A Venetian does not cross Venice by taxi or gondola, but uses a traditional wooden boats, one of these is called “Topa“. This boat was originally built for fishing and sailing, and is one of the most popular and traditional boats in the Venetian Lagoon. Over time, the “Topa” has been equipped with a motor to navigate more comfortably through small canals that are difficult to access from other types of boats.
During this experience you can see Venice from a different perspective, you will lead the “topa” through silent canals discovering glimpses of palaces and gardens that only can be seen from the Boat.

The goal of like a Venetian is to make people live in Venice as if they were locals.

You can learn how to drive a boat like we do and move on the water of the Venice Lagoon!

Our nautical school organizes driving lessons by providing you with a boat with all the necessary permits and permits for up to 6 people. You will be accompanied by a person who speaks current English and will teach you how to steer the boat, so you can enjoy the feeling of being one of us.

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“Like a Venetian”!