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Explore the real Venice getting off the beaten tracks by private tour

I’m Venetian, my husband is Venetian, my daughter is Venetian , my cat is Venetian. While tourists end up in jam-packed streets following the yellow direction signs to Rialto and San Marco or listening to the cold and metallic voice of google map directions, be different, be Venetian like me and let me take you through hidden squares and narrow streets jumping between present and past local life to discover which remains hidden and unknown to most people.

  • Do you know why Venetians have spritz running through their veins?
  • Do you know that a GONDOLA is like a tailored suit and we still have the opportunity to learn how a gondola comes to life?
  • Do you know that while you are counting sheep in your comfy Venetian bedroom the scary sirens waking you from your slumber have nothing to do with World War II ?

I love my city and I try to give others the opportunity to see Venice through the eyes of an insider…remember we are an endangered species!

DURATION: 2 hours and half.

Special weather conditions: cancellation by us in case of bad weather or cases of force majeure with possible reschedule in according with the availability of the staff.

Typical Walk in Venice

Walk Like a Venetian